It seems like Texas has been the last state to get with the medical cannabis program. But after the latest news, it seems like Texans can rejoice now about the latest vote. Medical marijuana has been known to help people with different medical conditions.

People who have used medical cannabis that suffer from anxiety, cancer, some sort of pain, epilepsy, and other conditions found it useful. I know some people who suffer from PTSD and they mentioned how much medical cannabis has helped them out tremendously. Well, Texans who need medical cannabis for whatever their symptoms may be, can look forward to the recent outcome.

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Yesterday Marijuana Moment shared some news that some Texans have been waiting for quite a while. Marijuana Moment shared the news about the Texas House of Representatives approved bills regarding the decriminalization of possession and expansion of the medical cannabis program. So possession of one ounce of cannabis would be a class C misdemeanor without having to do jail time.

Now as for the expansion of the medical cannabis program made it to the Senate after the 134-12 vote. Earlier this month the bill was approved by the House Public Health Committee. Despite the latest news, there is still more work that needs to be done involving the medical cannabis program.

But one thing for sure is some people should be relieved about the latest outcome of medical cannabis. By expanding the medical cannabis system it can help out so many people in Texas who are struggling with their health issues. Let's be hopeful that more good news can come about involving the medical cannabis programs for Texas.

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