This week the Texas Music Chart published for the last time. The legacy TMC leaves behind one that served to solidify and unify a Texas Music scene in a way that before its inception was unheard of. It organized and gave validity to what bands and stations were doing in Texas and Oklahoma.

Since the chart first published in 2000, the scene has grown leaps and bounds - and by most accounts even outgrowing this antiquated way of reporting songs. And fingers crossed, there will likely be a new, better and more honest way, hopefully sooner than later, of accurately reporting this scene's radio spins.

But regardless of what the chart became, the honesty of its reporters, or the vultures who only saw dollar signs in its weekly report -- doesn't change what it meant to bands and radio, especially sixteen years ago.

Since its first publication we've seen great Texas acts become great national acts (Pat Green, Miranda Lambert, Eli Young Band), and great regional acts be able to be to make a respectable living doing what they love, right here at home.

Today TMC released their final chart and that means their final  No. 1 song. An honor that fittingly went to Texas Music stalwarts the Randy Rogers Band. Below is the final Top 10 in TMC history.

10. Jason Cassidy -- Rest of Forever
9. Matt Kimbrow -- Lonestar Paradise
8. William Clark Green -- Ringling Road
7. Kyle Park -- Come On
6. Cameran Nelson -- Nothing’s Got Nothin’
5. Micky & the Motorcars -- Tonight We Ride
4. Green River Ordinance -- Red Fire Night
3. Aaron Watson -- Getaway Truck
2. Josh Abbott Band -- Amnesia
1. Randy Rogers Band -- Neon Blues

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