A plumber from Texas City isn't sure how his truck ended up being used by Islamic terrorist in Syria. Recently a photo appeared on twitter of a a jihadist group firing an anti-aircraft gun mounted in the bed of a truck. The truck in the photo has the logo for Mark-1 Plumbing on the side of it.

Jeff Oberholtzer, the son of Mark-1 Plumbing's owner, says they sold the truck and expected the company it was sold to to remove their logo. The truck ended up going to auction and has now been through numerous owners on its trip to Syria. Unfortunately, Oberholtzer says that the company is catching a very bad rep because of the photo. They have had to unplug their phones due to the amount of threatening phone calls they were receiving.

When asked about the truck in the picture, Oberholtzer told KHOU TV, "We have nothing to do with terror at all. To think something we would use to pull trailers, now is being used for terror, it's crazy. Never in my lifetime would think something like that."

Here's the story from KHOU-TV:

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