While the weather is warming up beautifully, and spring is definitely in the air, most of America recognizes Memorial Weekend, May 25th, as the official start of spring. Though, honestly, in West Texas, it's the beginning of a very long, very hot summer.

However, there is something special happening on Memorial Day this year. Texas Rising, a eight hour mini-series that will dramatically detail the Texas Revolution and the origins of the Texas Rangers. Now, since I've been in Texas a little while now, I can't imagine a more perfect way to remember the fallen heroes of our past than watching

The History Channel describes what the mini-series will explore,

no one was safe. But this was a time of bravery, a time to die for what you believed in and a time to stand tall against the cruel rule of the Mexican General Santa Anna (Martinez). The heroic General Sam Houston (Paxton), the rag tag Rangers and the legendary “Yellow Rose of Texas” lead this story of the human will to win against insurmountable odds. At the end, the Texas flags stood tall and victorious, claiming a piece of history for all eternity.

After watching the trailer above, listening to the reading of Sam Houston's famous words, yeah, I definitely had chills running down my arms. The show is definitely star studded: Kris Kristofferson, Bill Paxton, Ray Liotta, Thomas Jane, Crispin Glover, Rys Coiro, Max Thieriot, Oliver Martinez, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Brendan Fraser, Chad Michael Murray, and so many more. Texas Rising is also directed by two-time Oscar-nominated Roland Joffe. You've seen his work if you've watched The Killing Fields or The Mission.

Seriously, technology is the best thing right now! If I can't watch it when it airs, TIVO to the rescue!

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