Check out this bout of fisticuffs caught on camera on a Texas roadway. 

Sometimes you hear the stories about vehicle drivers not paying attention to motorcyclists while on the road. Perhaps that's how this argument that turned violent started. This fight video was caught on camera somewhere in Dallas, Texas.The motorcyclist looks upset and the video starts with him hitting the door of the Lexus. The car drives a little then stops and the driver of the vehicle gets out and starts arguing with the motorcyclist. It's hard to tell when the first punch is thrown, but I think it was the driver of the car that swings first. A fight ensues and the fight seems to be even until the driver of the car trips over the curb and falls down. After that, the motorcyclists gets a couple more punches in and walks away to his bike. Both men then drive away like nothing happened. Check the video out for yourself.

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