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We can all smell this one from a mile away, can't we?

The City of Austin is taking Walgreens to court over a sewage leak at one of its stores. KXAN-TV reports a neighboring business owner downhill from the Walgreens says the sewage bubbles out through the ground.

John Vela, who owns a pottery business next door, told the TV station he is majorly concerned with runoff from the Walgreen's property. According to KXAN:

The city has cited the corporate giant four times this year for sewage leaks from a pipe that connects to the store’s bathroom. Staff noted an “active discharge with a strong odor,” according to emails obtained by KXAN.

Vela said the sewage leaks periodically at the southwest corner of Walgreens’ property, with Vela’s business directly downhill. His big concern is runoff when it rains.

He said, “As the smell comes though and the sewage comes through, I’m concerned for my employees, myself and for adjacent businesses.”

That includes a nearby school.

The story from KXAN goes on to say that Walgreens attempted to address the problem, but their solution only temporarily fixed the problem and it soon returned. The store's manager referred the station to their corporate offices who declined to comment to the station.

The report says the city will summon Walgreens to court. The result could be fines or a trial by a judge or jury for the company. A date has yet to be set for a court appearance according to KXAN.

All that has to be said about all this is pee-ew! Let's hope this whole mess gets cleaned up soon for everyone involved!

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