Talk about being backed up.

In proof that those in the medical profession may sometimes question their career decisions, doctors in China recently extracted 28 pounds of fecal matter from a man's bowels. The patient, 22, had reportedly been constipated since his birth, so doctors took out 30 inches of his colon, which has got to be the one of the most drastic procedures to drop weight you'll ever hear. The operating room was also probably the smelliest room in the Pacific Rim by a country mile.

"It is believed the young man had Hirschsprung's disease, which causes the bowels to swell because the nerves that are supposed to control the gut are missing," reports the Daily Mail. Hmm, he must be a ton of fun on dates.

While the jokes are easy, the treatment is not. Laxatives did not offer any lasting results and doctors say that the poor guy looked like he was nine months pregnant and "about to explode."

It's unclear what took him so long to go to a hospital to address the issue, but once he did, doctors say he had years worth of excrement in his colon, causing his stomach to balloon.

"After removing his gut, surgeons stitched it up at both ends to stop feces from falling out," reports the Daily Mail, which is an image that no one needs.

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