We had so much fun at our second annual Townsquare event. Everyone I talked to was having a great time and really into the fun of this one of a kind 5K Run. We have some photos to show you how things went....

The runners were released in waves. Here is a picture of one of the groups getting pumped for the start.

Here is another group getting warmed up!

People were really into their team standing out. Here are a couple of teams showing their creativity!


Even Batman got in on the action as he crosses the finish line!!

We want to thank our presenters All American Chevrolet and Michelob Ultra. The American Cancer Society, Critter Shack, and all of our sponsors and booths for another very successful Insane Inflatable 5K Run. Be listening for what is coming next from Townsquare Media San Angelo and Kickin' Country 103.1.