A cowboy hat is a Texas symbol and a rite of passage if you want to be a proper cowboy. There’s some responsibility that comes with wearing a Cowboy hat and living up to the expectations that have been in place for many years. A lot of Proper Etiquette is just using common sense. Here are the 5 rules that hopefully you will find useful.

1. Know When to Remove Your Hat                                                                              The first rule is knowing when to remove your hat. During the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, the passing of the flag, in church, during prayer, during a funeral procession, and very importantly when being introduced to a woman. You can hold the hat in one hand while you shake her hand in greeting with the other. Also, remove your hat when entering a building or private home, dining in a restaurant, and in other situations that just dictate that you remove your hat. Just to be safe, not wearing a hat indoors is a good rule of thumb.

2. Pick the Right Hat for the Season                                                                            Make sure you're wearing the right hat for the time of year. Originally felt hats were meant to keep the head warm on cold nights in the winter while straw hats would keep you cool in the summer. Use a little common sense.

3. Handle Your Hat the Right Way                                                                                        Hold your hat the right way by holding it by the crown so that no one can see the lining.

4. Remember Proper Travel Care                                                                                 Take care of your hat when you travel. Obviously, it will get squished throwing it in a suitcase so make use of travel hat boxes so that the shape is protected.

5. Never Mess With Another Cowboy's Hat                                                                   The most important rule of cowboy hat etiquette is to never mess with another cowboy's hat. Not only is it considered bad luck, but this is an extremely personal item that is often expensive, not to mention it’s the sort of thing that many consider it to be an insult and can lead to more than you might have bargained for. Like Lyle Lovett says in song...’Don’t Touch My Hat’!

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