The Avett Brothers have released the music video for their powerful song "No Hard Feelings." Through honest, simple and poignant filmmaking, the clip explores life and what it means to love without limits.

The video for "No Hard Feelings" is a sequel of sorts to the Avett Brothers' "Ain't No Man" video: The latter challenges cultural notions of race, religion and fear, and ends with Scott Avett, his brother Seth and the band's bassist, Bob Crawford, sitting down for a photoshoot, and "No Hard Feelings" takes up where its predecessor left off. The bandmates are sitting in the same clothes on the same stools -- but the new clip takes a more introspective turn. If "Ain't No Man" is a colorful and upbeat look at the importance of loving our fellow human beings, "No Hard Feelings" looks at personal history and explores the love we give to ourselves.

While Scott Avett co-directed the music video for "Ain't No Man," Seth Avett helmed the one for "No Hard Feelings," co-directing with Adam Rothlein. This time, there aren't any zany characters -- just the three musicians looking intently into the camera, with home movies from their earlier years interspersed, revealing the journey that led each man through the fear mentioned in "Ain't No Man" and into a life that is full and will end without regrets ... and with no hard feelings.

"When my body won't hold me anymore  / And it finally lets me free / Will I be ready?" Seth Avett asks in the song's first verse. "... When I lay down my fears / My hopes and my doubts / The rings on my fingers / And the keys to my house / With no hard feelings."

Every line of "No Hard Feelings" is dripping with meaning, and the more listeners hit play, the more they will come to understand the theme of the song: Hard feelings will only hurt us; to love is our ultimate aim.

"No Hard Feelings" comes from the Avett Brothers' newest studio album, True Sadness, released in June. In February, the band will head to Mexico to headline their first-ever concert vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

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