Here’s a tip: if you want to be a waiter, move to New York.

A new survey of more than 2,300 Americans by has found that people in the Empire State are the most generous tippers in the US, tacking on another 23% to their bills for gratuity.

Folks in Arkansas appear to be the pinchiest with their pennies – they are the worst tippers in the country, giving only about 10%.

Tipping, of course, is a very divisive subject, with 63% of respondents saying they feel they have to leave some sort of gratuity, even if the service they got was below average. About 25% claim their tip is based on how good the service is.

Most Generous States for Tipping

1. New York
2. New Jersey
3. California
4. Nevada
5. Texas

Least Generous States for Tipping

1. Arkansas
2. West Virginia
3. North Dakota
4. Georgia
5. Alabama

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