The Carden Circus is bringing their awesome circus to San Angelo with two great shows on Wed, November 16th in the Spur Arena! Get your tickets now and save!!

You’re invited come and enjoy three rings of unforgettable family fun at the Circus Spectacular! A limited number of $9.99 adult tickets are available on line but going fast and you can get a free kid’s ticket too with your purchase of an adult ticket!!! Use code FREEPASS at purchase. You’ll be amazed with all new, never-before-seen acts!! Experience the laughter & wonder, the music & magic, amazing aerialists plus elephants, camels, horses, llamas & more. Visit for tickets and more information.

In case you are wondering how The Carden International Circus takes care of their animals, their answer is that they are committed 110% to the exceptional care and ethical treatment of all of their animals. They believe in animal-human relationships that are built upon respect, trust, affection, and absolutely uncompromising care. Their training methods are based on reinforcement in the form of food rewards and words of praise. There is absolutely zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse to animals large and small. Carden International Circus works closely with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure that the highest standards of animal care are provided and meet or exceed all federal animal welfare standards by the USDA under the animal welfare act and all aspects of animal care and safety.

The Carden Circus family is the most talented and hard-working group of people in the circus industry! The level of commitment to safety and all the details of setting up the BIGGEST circus show in the Country is no small feat…and their performers & aeralists invest many hours every week perfecting their craft to be ready to give their audience a performance beyond their imagination!

Be sure to take advantage of the price break on tickets and enjoy the Carden International Circus on Wed, Nov 16th in the Spur Arena on the San Angelo Fairgrounds!

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