After Snowmageddon in Texas last year, a lot of Texans are wondering what is being predicted for our 2022–2023 Winter Weather.

The first day of winter and the shortest day of the year, officially arrives on December 21, 2022. The Famers' Almanac is not forecasting the kind of severe weather experienced during the deadly February 2021 storms.The Farmers' Almanac is however predicting significant snowfall Jan.12th -15th in Central Texas. That snowfall would follow heavy snow they are predicting in northern Texas on Jan. 4th - 7th, with frosty conditions forecast for the Gulf Coast.

Keith White, a National Weather Service meteorologist for the Austin-San Antonio region, said....."This year, we expect a high likelihood of our third straight fall into winter of La Niña conditions, a climate pattern that typically leads to warmer and drier weather," White said. "I know a lot of people both last winter and coming into this winter are certainly still worried that they may see conditions similar to what we had back in February of 2021. But, honestly, that week of winter weather was a once-every-few-decades kind of probability."

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been predicting the weather for 231 years—since George Washington was president & helping readers to prepare for the season ahead with its 80 percent–accurate weather predictions.

You may wonder, how can the Almanac make long-range weather predictions with an average of 80% accuracy. They’re calculated in advance by studying solar activity (sunspots), ocean and atmospheric conditions, and other factors. Further, they’re not comparing winter with last year, but are instead taking a long-term view, measuring against long-term averages (30 years) of temperature, precipitation, and snowfall.

Not only does the Almanac predict the weather but is loaded with inspired stories, humor, traditional Christmas celebrations around the world, even home remedies and much more!

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Be sure to get your copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2023. It makes for some very interesting reading!

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