When I was a teenager, meeting someone on the internet was definitely not something you would run to tell your parents about. In fact, many people thought it was totally dangerous and a bad idea. Now, it's absolutely normal to go on a blind date with someone you meet online and much safer with the creation of social media. You can meet someone after you have thoroughly stalked all of their profiles, learned their mother's name, and seen pictures of their puppy. Amazing.

The internet provider Viasat published an article that shows the most searched online dating questions based on a look at queries from Answer the People, Google Trends, and SemRush. The results might surprise you.

The most highly searched online dating question in Texas is "what are the top dating apps?" That was also the most searched dating-related question in Ohio, New Jersey, Florida and Arizona.

What exactly does that say about Texas? I'm not quite sure. I guess it means that we're trying to find the best dating apps so that we can have the best odds of finding someone to pass the time with.

Missouri's (and several other states') most searched online dating question was "how to break up over text," which I thought was hilarious. They weren't the only state searching for how to dump their boyfriend in a text. You can find the entire list here.

P.S. Don't forget there is a pandemic going on. Save the smooches for after you've been vaccinated, and stick to the naked zoom calls with pizza and booze. Who doesn't love that s#!t anyway?

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