This morning was one for the memory book because the smell of winter has set in well atleast for this morning.

Winter time is not my favorite time of year because of the bone chilling cold that usually ensues with this weather pattern. But it definitely is host to some of the best smell  to ever touch ones nose. Its often a tricky to catch these smells that will last a long time in your mind but this morning I was fortunate enough to smell one of my favorite smells of all time. As I came out of the house to head to work this morning the cold wind slapped my face with the brisk tongue but with the smell of a wood fire stove burning in the distance I could do nothing but smile.

I know its kind of a strange thing to think about but pictures of a old timey house with the family all sitting in the living room around a wood fire stove or fire place sharing memories its so picture book cliche but hey we can all dream right!

So this morning I go to thinking what is your favorite smell of the holidays? Is it the cooking of that one traditional dish that your family always makes or the smell of the Christmas Tree? What ever it is let us know what you like to smell in the winter time.





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