Shane Barnhill's new song 'Take Away' is a very special song for him. He told us the song's lyrics are very personal,

"I found this song when I was moving from my childhood home that I lived in for 36 years . The house was one of the last physical connections I had with my Dad. That's where music started for me, playing music with him in that house. The song was in a notebook I'd never seen before, along with other songs, but this one grabbed me . It was just a verse and chorus. I wrote the second verse and the arrangement. My Dad worked a lot and was gone a lot, just like me now, when he was my age which was around the time he wrote this.  My Dad passed away when I was twenty years old after a 5 year battle with heart disease, so the song has two meanings. One is a relationship with your wife, the other to me is him telling us from Heaven he hopes the good outweighs the bad. It was a rough 5  years when he began getting sick and was hard on us to see someone so strong get sick . Instead of him taking care of us we were taking care of him . I find myself always telling my wife that I'll slow down and not work and play music so much . I've said it a million times . There has been good times and bad times, just like any relationship we have all been in, and you hope the good outweighs the bad."


Click on the above video and give Shane's new song a listen. We hope you enjoy Shane's powerful lyrics.