If you missed it, earlier this week Matthew McConaughey announced that he has gathered a few of his famous friends for an all-star virtual event aimed at helping The Lone Star State recover from the tragic winter storm last month.

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The virtual concert will take place this Sunday, March 21st, beginning at 7pm CST on McConaughey's YouTube channel. The lineup is next level. Among the Texas stars who will be performing for the benefit are George Strait and Miranda Lambert. It's going to be a great night. But did you know that Miranda credits King George with helping to save her relationship with her dad?

"I had gotten my first tattoo [on tour with George Strait], and my dad [who] was on tour with me too was really mad and wouldn't talk to me because I had gotten the tattoo... Somehow George found out about the drama between me and my dad and he sent out for like 75 press-on tattoos, she says." Next the King of Country arranged for the entire crew to have a fake tattoo when they got together for the end of tour picture. And it worked, Lambert explains. "We went in to take our end of tour picture and George rolled up his sleeve and had a fake tattoo... My dad started laughing and it broke the ice between me and my dad and we started talking again."

While I'm sure Rick and Miranda would've eventually working it out on their own, not too many people can credit the biggest country star ever with fixing their relationship with their dad, right?

And of course, Strait is a big fan of his fellow Texan, "Miranda Lambert is a great artist. She's a great singer, songwriter and performer," he says. "I've toured with her before so I knew how good she was... Never sang with her during the tour, in fat my who career I didnt sing with a lot of people. So the past two years was doing duets with people was great. She chose to do 'How 'bout them Cowgirls' and 'Run'... I was excited about doing it with her, and she just killed it."

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