The Warhorses are back with another song!

"Leaving in Your Eyes" is the lead single from the forthcoming album, 'The Warhorses'. You're probably already familiar with the Warhorses' big hits from back in 2012. Their song "Leave Me Alone" was a Top 50 hit and the follow up "Heart Like Mine" landed inside the Top 75.

Lead singer Casey Shaw explains what the band is trying to accomplish with their new project:

Our goal is to always be authentic, what you see is what you get. Each of us comes from a diverse musical background and that is part of what makes us rare with a unique sound. We don't want to be tied down by or defined by any one genre. We just want to be known as playing good music, being good musicians, and good dudes.

So sound off Concho Valley and tell us what you think of the new song from the Warhorses. Let us know in the below comment section.