Kids have been trading Sweethearts, candy hearts with cute sayings on them, since they were invented and they are still very popular....

The very first conversation heart was created in 1866 by a man named Daniel Chase who made a machine that pressed food dye letters onto candy lozenges made famous by his brother, NECCO founder Oliver Chase. Oliver created these lozenges as a pharmacist looking to get in on the apothecary lozenges craze as a remedy for sore throats or bad breath.

The candy gained popularity with the name Sweethearts. The sayings have changed over the years, based on pop culture. Sweethearts can now be bought in a variety of versions: in Spanish, tart flavor, sugar-free and chocolate.

From mid February to January the company produces about 100,000 pounds of candy hearts each day.

NECCO isn’t the only company to make and sell these heart-shaped candies. Brach's makes a variation of them with size and flavors from sweet and sour to berry to tropical fruit. SweetTarts even makes a version.

Might be a good idea to pick some up for your Valentine today!




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