Thomas Rhett spends most of his time on the road these days, and though juggling music, touring and a healthy lifestyle may be difficult, Rhett makes it a priority.

Recently, the "T-Shirt" singer joined forces with Snap Fitness as part of his I
Feel Good health initiative where he promotes a healthier lifestyle to fans. As Rhett explains to Taste of Country, many people who work six days a week think they can't squeeze in a 30-minute workout each day, but he is living proof that they can.

"I'm trying to convince them that my schedule is super busy too and any way you can find a way to squeeze some of that stuff in, it helps you feel better and look better and helps them live a long, healthy life," he says over the phone.

Rhett partnered with Snap Fitness to host five boot camps at five different gym locations throughout the nation where he and his trainer invite 10 gym members and 10 fans to an hour-long boot camp.

In addition to taking photos with his fans and signing autographs after the workout, Rhett says he gets to know each of the people who attend the boot camp and explains to them how easy it is to schedule a workout, whether they're in a hotel room, a living room or in a gym.

"It's been a lot of fun so far," he admits. "I've gotten so much feedback from the people that came. They said, 'I never really found time to workout and I'm so glad when you came that day you described to me how you found time to do it.' I work out with them and also lay down beside them while they're doing a plank or pushups or sit-ups and talk to them and encourage them and joke with them. It's been a really great experience so far."

Rhett says cardio is his main workout each week, as it helps him to be able to put on a high-energy show and to sing his songs each night without running out of breath.

"That was the reason I started working out in the first place, so I could be able to do everything I wanted to do onstage and look good doing it and be able to sound good while doing it, as well," he shares.

A good workout is often accompanied by a great playlist, and Rhett is sharing his workout playlist exclusively with Taste of Country. The diverse song list includes everything from his buddies the Cadillac Three ("You cant not be pumped when you listen to the Cadillac Three") and Dierks Bentley to Justin Bieber and the Chainsmokers.

"If we're doing a cardio day, it has to be all uptempo. Your 'Uptown Funks,' your 'Downtowns.' I put a couple of my songs in there, not that I listen to my music on a daily basis, but if it's on Spotify or iTunes I'll definitely listen to it," he explains. "I feel like I made some of those tracks for me running on a treadmill."

Rhett dishes that if he's lifting heavy weights one day, he'll listen to slower songs like the Chainsmokers' "Roses" and Drake's "Started From the Bottom." And as with anything, for those new to working out and healthy eating he advises that "baby steps are the way to do it."

"A lot of people want to do everything cold turkey whether you're trying to quit smoking or quit eating McDonalds. It's hard to just say, 'I'm done today.' When I was first starting out, it was like, 'This week I'm not going to eat dairy' or 'This week I'm not gonna eat bread.' All of a sudden you start sleeping better. You start waking up better," Rhett says. "You start having more energy during the day when you don't have all those bad things in your body. Once your brain starts to get accustomed to good things going in your body it starts to reject the bad stuff."

For more on Thomas Rhett's I Feel Good health initiative and a chance to win a trip to see him in concert, visit Snap Fitness.

Thomas Rhett's Ultimate Workout Playlist:

1. Drake & Future - "Big Rings"
2. Bruno Mars / Mark Ronson - "Uptown Funk"
3. Thomas Rhett - "Anthem"
4. Justin Bieber/Skrillex/Diplo - "Where Are You now"
5. The Cadillac Three - "Get Your Buzz On"
6. The Chainsmokers - "Roses"
7. White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"
8. Rolling Stones - "Start Me Up"
9. Macklemore - "Downtown"
10. DJ Snake / Lil Jon - "Turn Down for What"
11. Ed Sheeran - "Sing"
12. Dierks Bentley - "Somewhere on a Beach"
13. Drake - "Started From the Bottom"
14. Thomas Rhett - "I Feel Good"

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