Randy Rogers, Sean McConnell, and William Clark Green will be on stage as the Three Guitarristas once again, December 15th, at Midnight Rodeo. This is the second time this dynamic trio will be performing as the Three Guitarristas. San Angelo must be super special because we are one of only four performances they will be having.

I talked to Sean McConnell, one third of this awesome show, and he assured me this year was going to be even better than the last.

The Three Guitarristas are back for their second go around, and Sean is thrilled, even though this year there will only be four performances by the trio.

Did you know that aside from Sean's own impressive recordings, he has written songs for Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Eli Young Band, and even Brad Paisley and Tim McGraw?

Even though Sean McConnell didn't grow up in Texas (he was born in Massachusetts, grew up in Georgia, moved to Tennessee, and finally made it to Texas), his songs reflect so much of what we love in our Texas and Red Dirt Music -- and fans have welcomed him with open arms.

He also mentions that the fun the three guys have together on the road is reflected in what they do onstage. It is an honest, laid back, super relaxed show that has a lot of bantering back and forth, great songs, and just friends hanging out.

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