This week marks the anniversary of Pat Green's major label deal with the national release of Wave on Wave back in 2003. Before Wave on Wave, Pat had already enjoyed major success for years as a pioneer on the Texas Country Music Scene with numerous successful independent albums and huge single releases from them.

When he hit the national music scene and started touring with mainstream country artist, It hurt his image with a lot of his fans and it took a while to get back to his roots. He was the first Texas Music Artist to make that jump which puzzled a lot of his fans and made even other fans mad and many accused him of selling out. Pat's response was that he didn't sell out...he just got paid more for what he had been doing all along.

It's been about six years since Pat last released an album but he's back to being an independent and recording everything the way he wants to do it. The album is called Home, which will be released on August 14th. Pat came out gunning with Girls From Texas, which he recorded with Lyle Lovett, and it shot straight to the top of the charts. His latest single is While I Was Away, and it is in the Top 10 now.

Regardless of how you may feel about Pat's short stint on the national platform, he has come home to Texas, and is touring on a regular basis in support of his new album Home.