So how is the "quarantining" going so far? Feeling a little bored, restless, tired of streaming? It must be time for something new.

Fortunately there are lots of new things being offered online for free. I did a little surfing and found a cool article about 5 new things we can learn online for free on People.

Let's start with free cooking classes. Hit up for some free recipes and how-to videos. Lots of great ideas on this site.

What about learning to play an instrument like guitar? Youtube has instructional videos available for free for every level of playing. From beginner to advanced. Make it your mission to learn your favorite song. It might be easier than you think.

If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, now is the time. Rosetta Stone is offering three months of free online classes. I wonder if they offer pig Latin?

How about some computer skills. This is something that could get you back to work in an never ending industry. Learn to code, start with the basics at

Maybe just continuing your education is what you're looking for. has a list of 450 online classes you can take.  Everything from nursing to quantum mechanics.

Of course just couching it while streaming another season of The Simpsons is always good too, but if you're looking for more, there are options.

I'm going to learn to play the guitar and sing in French. How about you?

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