With the possibility of snow and ice coming to the Concho Valley in the next few days here are some tips for driving.


The best way to avoid an accident in the snow and ice is DON'T DRIVE, if you don't have to go anywhere stay at home and make it an official snow day. This is the safest option for anyone to consider when plagued by winters tounge.

If you absolutely have to drive here are some pointers from the folks at weather.com:

1.Decrease your speed and allow atleast 3 times the normal space between you and the next car.

2. Dont use cruise control on iced over roads.

3. Be especially careful on bridges and road ways that are not traveled frequently, these will be the first to freeze and have ice build up.

4. Brake gently to avoid skidding.

5. Keep your lights and windshield clean to increase visibility.

For more tips on driving in snow and ice you can ready more here.

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