Today (June 14) is Flag Day, celebrating the creation of the Stars and Stripes. Do you know the various points in the code of properly handling and displaying our flag with respect?

There is a list of regulations. It’s called the Federal Flag Code which was adopted by the National Flag Conference in 1923 and established as public law in 1942.

Listed below are some of the dos and don'ts of the Federal Flag Code. You probably know some of them, but others may surprise you.


Use any part of the flag as a costume or athletic uniform.
Use the flag as a receptacle for receiving, holding, carrying or delivering anything.
Use the flag as a covering for a ceiling.
Display the flag with the stars down, except as a signal of extreme distress.
Let the flag touch anything beneath it (ground, floor, water, merchandise).
Carry the flag flat or horizontally. It should always be aloft and free.
Use the flag as apparel, bedding or drapery.
Display it in inclement weather, unless an all-weather flag is used.
Drape it over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle or boat.


Place the U.S. flag at the center and highest point of the group when displaying with other flags. Texas is the only State flag that can fly at the same height as the U.S. Flag.
Fasten, display, use and store with care, in a manner that will not allow it to be easily soiled or damaged.
Destroy the flag in a dignified way when it is no longer in condition for display, preferably by burning.
Display from sunrise to sunset. If displayed at night, properly illuminate it.
Raise the flag briskly and lower it ceremoniously.
The code also includes a list of days when it is considered especially important to display the flag. The American Legion offers this list and the complete Federal Flag Code.

Now that you know the proper methods, display it proudly and enjoy 'Flag Day' today!

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