The straight forward answer about the burn ban and fireworks for the Fourth of July in San Angelo.

There have been lots of question asked lately about what does the burn ban include and can I shoot fireworks for the 4th of July.  We have talked to Tom Green County Emergency Management Coordinator Ron Perry who broke it down for us!


The burn ban applies to Tom Green County and not the City of San Angelo, if you live with in the city limits and wish to conduct any type of outdoor burn you must contact the City of San Angelo Fire Marshall's Office to obtain a permit. Bar-B-Que grills in the city have no restrictions at this time. There is a restriction that prohibits open fire on the ground on city property.

As far as outside of the city limits in Tom Green County ALL OUTDOOR BURNING IS PROHIBITED for 90 days after the adoption of the ordinance by the county. You are still able to use grills such as those that are fueled by "white gasoline", propane or natural gas.Violation of the burn ban is a Class C Misdemeanor and can be fined up to $500.00

Here is a direct link to the text of the burn ban.


As far as fireworks are concerned you ARE able to pop them as long as you abide by state and local regulations. These are not banned under the current burn ban for Tom Green County. City ordinance prohibits the possession, use and or sale of fire works inside of the city limits which includes Lake Nasworthy. If you are looking for a place to shoot your fireworks off the City of San Angelo has designated a few spots for you to shoot them off and are listed below.

Twin Buttes Marina Park Road off of U.S. Highway 67

Both Sides of the Equalization Channel at the north side of the South Pool and the south side of the North Pool.

Dumpsters will be provided for all of your trash and the city urges you to pick up after yourself as littering is subject to fines.



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