Between a worldwide pandemic and social unrest we all clung on to 2020 by our fingernails. But here we are, nearly our of the hell called twenty-twenty. Congrats we'r almost there.

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To hopefully bring a little bit of happiness to the world we wanted to share our biggest Texas and Red Dirt Singles of '20. If you're wondering, after careful deliberation we settled on our criteria for our list. We decided our list shall be comprised of songs or singles that have been played, at least once, on Radio Texas, LIVE! since December of '19. We took into account our LIVE show on Saturday nights, requests, and our 24/7 streaming app, add all of that up and these are our biggest songs of the year. And while we tried to focus more on actual radio singles, there is an exception or two to that.

Welcome to Part 1 in a 2-part series.

Parker McCollum "Pretty Heart"

Jonathan Terrell "Love Can Find You Anywhere"

Kolby Cooper "If I Still Had It"

Kylie Frey "Spur of The Moment"

Cody Jinks "Ain't a Train"

John Baumann "Next Ride Around The Sun"

Koe Wetzel "Kuntry & Wistern"

Ray Wylie Hubbard "Bad Trick"

Mike and The Moonpies "Danger"

Jon Wolfe "Feels Like Country Music"

Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen "Rodeo Clown"

Read Southall Band "Stickin' N Movin'"

Whiskey Myers "Bury My Bones"

Austin Meade "Happier Alone"

The Panhandlers "No Handle"

Randall King "She Gone"

Sunny Sweeney "Poet's Prayer"

William Clark Green "Poor"

Koe Wetzel "Forever"

Aaron Watson "Country Radio"


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