I saw an artist perform the other day, who may or may not be on this list *cough cough* that did a phenomenal rendition of a song outside of their genre. It got me thinking about the artists in our Texas Music scene - the songs they choose to cover at their shows and why they choose those particular songs.

Is it a crowd favorite? Does it show off their vocal talent? Did it influence their own music in some way? Or, do they just like the dang song?

Now, everyone covers the classic country songs, but when an artist whips out a tune from a completely different genre and does it just as amazing as the original - I'm pretty impressed. Here are a few examples Texas artists covering tunes outside of our music scene - and doing it right:

5. Josh Abbott Band "We Are Young" (FUN.)

Awesome mashup between this pop jam and Abbott's Oh, Tonight

4. Casey Donahew Band "3 AM" (Matchbox Twenty)

Because who doesn't love 3 AM by Matchbox Twenty?

3. Sam Riggs "Fire and Dynamite" (Drew Holcomb)

Don't mind the youngin' singing along with him ;)

2. Bart Crow "If I Go I'm Goin" (Gregory Alan Isakov)

What a powerful tune carried out in a meaningful way. Macy Maloy was such a marvelous addition to this song, as well.

1. Josh Weathers "I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston)

I mean really. The dude's got range...

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