Who are the best local bands that call San Angelo home? Well let's give you some food for thought with a couple of San Angelo's finest and then you can let us know your opinion.

1. Clearwater

These guys were the big headliner at last year's Miles Cotton Fest. They've been on the scene here in the Concho Valley for a number of years. Click on the above video and give 'em a listen.


2. Judson Cole

Judson is a homegrown talent with roots here in the Concho Valley. He's a Central High School Bobcat and an Angelo State Ram. He and his band will be on the big stage at Crude Fest in a couple of weeks. Check out his amazing cover of Whiskeytown's '16 Days' in the above YouTube video.


3. Case Hardin

This youngster has gone a long way in just a short amount of time. Case is the most popular artist with Midnight Rodeo's San Angelo Live concert series held every Saturday night.  Click the above YouTube clip from his performance at the House of FiFi Dubois.


So what do you think Concho Valley? There are plenty of other bands that love to rock the stage here in their hometown right here in San Angelo. Tell us who your favorites are in the below comment section! We want to here from you!