Most people have fixed routines at work. Unfortunately, those habits, which some might refer to as "quirks," might very well bug your co-workers.The staffing firm Accountemps conducted a survey of the biggest irritants at work (that don't include the boss or the job itself) and found that 36 percent of respondents said what bothered them the most was an associate who either used a speakerphone or just plain talked loudly on the phone. 


Another pet peeve at the office is the co-worker who likes to hang around your desk and chat even when you're not interested in carrying on a conversation. Twenty-three percent of respondents listed the talky desk fly as their top irritant.

Meanwhile, 15 percent said that people who eat food at their desk that emit strong odors is their number one gripe at work.

Other things that make the work experience less enjoyable -- if it was enjoyable to begin with -- are co-workers who smell bad, people who dress inappropriately for work and the always popular messy desk.

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