Sick of schlepping it to and from work every day? Freelancing it might just be up your alley. If I didn't love what I do so much, I might just get in on one of these work from home or work from anywhere jobs.

Talk about a dream come true. Who doesn't want to wear their boxers to work? Who doesn't want to be in a onesie while talking about serious things. I'm sure it happens. Taking some stats from and, together a list of the top paid freelance jobs out there.

One thing you should notice is that the majority of these are perfect for the tech savvy generation that we are. This is a fantastic way to add to your resume. You either need a degree or some sort of training for almost all of them. But once you get it, you're golden.

  1. Patent lawyer - $112 an hour
  2. Voice acting - $73 an hour
  3. Computer programming - $61 an hour
  4. Startup consulting - $54 an hour
  5. Website optimization - $54 an hour
  6. Investment research - $53 an hour
  7. Network administration - $51 an hour
  8. Statistical analyst - $50 an hour
  9. Amazon Web Services - $49 an hour
  10. Legal writing, $49 an hour.

Do you work from home here in San Angelo? If you do tell us in the comment section. We'd love to hear from you.

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