What are the best songs that include San Angelo and the Concho Valley in their lyrics? Well let's examine a couple and then you can tell us what you think.

1. Aaron Watson - San Angelo

Well this one is obvious right here. It's the title of the song and the title of an album by the Honky Tonk Kid Aaron Watson. Click above and give a listen.


2. Bleu Edmondson - American Saint

This song mentions the Concho Valley being on fire. Certainly, Bleu didn't mean that in a literal sense. Check out the song in the above YouTube clip.


3. Delbert McClinton - Lone Star Blues

The first line right out of the gate mentions San Angelo in this song. George Strait even recorded a cover of this Delbert McClinton happy tune. Click the above YouTube video and listen.


So what do you think Concho Valley? These are just three, but what other songs do you like that mention San Angelo and the Concho Valley? Sound off in the below comment section and tell us!