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Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. Not only so they provide companionship, love, and entertainment, but they really do become a part of your family.

While the benefit of owning a dog heavily outweigh any negatives, there are some things that dog owners have to deal with and work around. One of the biggest struggles many dog owners face is potty training their dog and ensuring their dog is able to go outside to go potty whenever they need to. One of the most common solutions is to install a doggy door, but if you are living in a rental property, or you simply don’t want a doggy door, there are some other alternatives.

Many dogs will simply scratch at the back door when they want to go out, but that leads to a damaged door and a bad habit that can be hard to get rid of. That led to people putting bells on the handle of the door so the dog could simply nudge the bells to communicate their need to go out. While that is a great solution, having bells attached to your door all the time can get annoying when they jingle every time you go through the door.

Mighty Paw took all of that into consideration when developing their ‘Smart Bell’ device. This device consists of two separate parts that basically work like a door bell for your dog. One part adheres to your door so your dog can press it with their nose or paw, and the other part plugs into an outlet. All you have to do is train your pup to press the part on the door, and the device in the outlet with make a chime sound to alert you that your dog needs to go out.

You can adjust the way the chime sounds depending on your preference, and at long at you have a trainable dog, it is pretty easy to teach them to use. I first came across this device through a TikTok posted by @soul_desire_goldens, and I found it for sale on Amazon, Chewy, and the official Mighty Paw website.

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