The last couple of years we have seen growing sentiment of distrust for our men and women in blue. Fort Worth's police department officers are doing something really nice to help change that.As they pull drivers over for minor Traffic violations, they are quite often issuing them turkeys instead of tickets.

Officer Calzada organized Operation Turkey in hopes that people would realize cops aren’t just trying to get them in trouble. “We wanted to let our citizens know that we’re not just out to give people tickets and take them to jail,” Calzada told ABC News. “We’re also here to serve our community.”

The officer’s goal to spread a message of kindness and unity really seemed to resonate. “I’m pleased to see it, because there’s so much hate in this country right now,” said Howard Miles, who was the lucky recipient of a turkey. “To see brotherly love, it’s very, very inspiring.”

The department had turkeys left over from a community event earlier in the week. They decided to put them to good use and bring a little joy to people in the community. And of course, they taped it so we could see some of the lucky drivers reactions.




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