Closing in on year two with no Turnpike Troubadours, who went on hiatus in May of 2019, and we're all still living on dreams of a reunion. Of course there was a bit of recent good news; in the new book "Red Dirt" Evan Felker revealed that he is sober and eager to write again.

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Everything feels good when it's an uphill climb, to me you know. Then when things started going really well and it's 'wow! I don't know what to do.' - Evan Felker

You may recall that "Whiskey In Your Water," sung by Felker was released last year, post-hiatus. It did confuse many fans, who justifiably thought that the Turnpike front man was diving into a solo career. But as we soon learned the song, which he sang with Carrie Rodriguez, was a part of Bruce Robison’s The Next Waltz Volume 2 compilation album. It had actually been recorded prior to his band's indefinite hiatus.

In this four-year-old video that features Bruce Robison, who undoubtedly is one of the scene's most respected songwriters and performers, diving into a lot of history with the Turnpike boys. It's a great watch.

When Bruce asked Evan what he thinks people are looking for from him when it comes to his songs, Felker explains it beautifully, "To paint a picture, to sum up something they were already thinking and hadn't realized how to say. It was just under the surface, a thought they had had but they couldn't quite get it into words... You can really make someone happy with a damn song... You know, change their day."

Man, regardless of this video being four years old, how great is it seeing the band together sharing stories?

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