It was nearly three years that Turnpike Troubadour fans had to wait between Goodbye Normal Street, released in 2012, and their followup, self-titled album released late in 2015.

Diamonds and Gasoline was released in 2010, a little over two years before Goodbye Normal Street, which was roughly three years after their debut album, Bossier City, came to life in 2007.

So a three year wait, or so, is what fans have become accustom to - until this. Without so much as a tweet, or a press release, Turnpike Troubadours have unleashed a brand new song on us. We only saw it when people began sharing it this morning.

For now all we know is that it's a brand new song, and that it's not a Nirvana cover. Enjoy.

UPDATE (12:31 p.m. CST): From our friends at New Slang in Lubbock

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