Two tropical storms are on the path to move into the Gulf next week, which would be the first time in recorded history it's happened.

Tropical storm Laura has now developed out in the Caribbean and is tracking toward the Leeward Islands, with heavy rain and strong winds expected throughout the weekend.

According to the Weather Channel, tropical storm warnings have been issued for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Laura could move close to Florida and Gulf of Mexico next week.

The strength and exact path of the storm is still not clear to forecasters.  They say it's too early to tell when the storm may strike the U.S. mainland.

NOAA's Hurricane Hunter aircraft found that its center is farther south than previously estimated, which has resulted in a southward shift in the projected path.

This is the earliest the 'L' name has formed since the record was set back on August 29, 1995.  That storm was named 'Luis'.

This could be the perfect storm, but hopefully not.  This is something to definitely to keep and eye over the weekend.

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Photo courtesy of Big Weather ABC 11

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