You might think it would be New York, or Las Vegas, or some exotic city overseas...but no, The Dallas skyline was recently crowned the 'Best International Skyline.'

In an international USA Today Readers’ Choice poll, Dallas came out on top for its highly recognizable cityscape and brought the international title home to Texas!

Dallas’ distinct skyline has undergone some beautiful changes over time. Colorful, interactive lighting now give the skyline a very special look to impress tourists and locals as well.

A panel of architects selected the top 20 skylines, and USA TODAY readers voted on and got the list down to the top 10 in the following order.

1. Dallas

2. Chicago

3. Rio de Janeiro

4. Toronto

5. New York

6. Washington, D.C.

7. St. Louis

8. Hong Kong

9. San Francisco

10. Seattle

Just one more thing to be proud of in our great State of Texas!

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