The Friendly Atheist shared a video of Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark giving some kind of strange sermon rant to women about the importance of not letting yourself go and staying in tip-top sexy shape for your special someone.

When I first came across the video, I thought that it must be some kind of joke, or maybe something from the early 90s as the recording quality, the sexist garbage and the pastor's choice of clothing all appear to be stuck in the past.

But no.

This clip is apparently from a sermon he gave on February 21st, 2021 -- just a few days ago.

"...don't give him a reason to be like this distracted boy, you hear me?" the pastor says, as he points to the infamous meme of the man turning away from his girlfriend to check out another chick's butt. "Don't give him a reason to be looking around."

He goes on to say later in the clip: "Now, I'm not saying that every woman can be the epic, the epic, trophy wife of all time, like Melania Trump. I'm not saying that all. No, most women can't be trophy wives like her, but maybe a participation trophy."

Wow, Pastor Clark. You are a really funny guy. The amount of a**hole wrapped up in a person that is supposed to be a religious leader is pretty gross and just another testament to the garbage certain pastors can't seem to stop spewing.

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I vote for Pastor Clark for pathetic incel of the day. I wouldn't even waste chapstick on meeting your bloated ass face-to-face.

I only hope you aren't raising daughters of your own with this kind of garbage clouding their adolescent minds. I care so little about this icky pastor that I can't even bring myself to Google his name at all.

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