Wade Bowen and Granger Smith had a conversation this week to discuss the social media controversy that was created when Bowen posted a quote online from an article in which Smith allegedly referred to the Texas music scene as 'the minor leagues'.

Bowen told Saving Country Music that he and Smith talked on the phone to 'clear the air' about the controversy:

I really don’t know him that well aside from playing a few shows together here and there, and he really didn’t know me either. I think if we had known each other it probably would have been handled on a private level. This is the first time either of us have really experienced anything like this in our careers. We had a good talk, and cleared the air somewhat.

Bowen complimented Smith and said he felt Smith just used poor choice when talking about the Texas scene:

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Granger, and he was kind enough to say that to me as well. That’s actually how he started the conversation, and I thought that was very classy of him. I don’t think his quote came across the way he wanted it to. It was a poor choice of words from a good, decent guy who really has worked hard and is really proud of Texas and where he comes from. I didn’t say anything bad about his music or anything. I just wish people would stop thinking that I did.

Bowen also mentioned in the article that Texas scene has a lot in common with the independent artist scene and it's fans that really drive that scene:

I’ll proudly say I’m from Texas and here’s my music. But I also don’t think we have to strictly say, “Well he’s a part of the Texas music scene.” Texas music is Willie and Waylon, it’s ZZ Top and Stevie Ray. I play shows with Kevin Fowler, and our music is the complete opposite of each other. That’s such a strength of Texas. To me it’s about the fans. The people here really love what we do, and they get behind it enough to start companies and stores and music venues.

We’re very lucky that if you don’t want to leave Texas and you just want to play and provide for your family, you can do that and never leave the borders. And then there are artists that do want to leave the borders and take what they do in Texas and play the rest of the country and other parts of the world. I think it’s also important that we stick to the independent side of this conversation and say yeah, we’re indie artists, just the same as Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell.

So sound off Concho Valley. What's your opinion on the controversy? Do you have a different opinion than you did a couple days ago? Let us know in the below comment section.