How has a young, sharp, network TV exec somewhere out there not purchased the rights to Nate Coon's Home Room Sessions, yet? Whaddup, Netflix?

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Have you been keeping up with this series? It's gotta be worth $20 million, easy. It's so much better than a lot of other trash that TV will put on, and how rad would it be to watch full 30-minute episodes? That, my friends, would be binge-worthy TV.

Everyone from Wade Bowen, Aaron Watson, Courtney Patton, Josh Weathers, and Pat Green have participated, but with the videos usually clocking in at around two minutes, it's never been enough to satisfy my greedy ears.

Up next, Nate Coon, whose day job is drumming for Aaron Watson, brought back both Josh Weathers and Wade Bowen for a next level collaboration. Can't lie, we love the guys' take on the Phil Collins and Philip Bailey GRAMMY winning pop smash, "Easy Lover."

Oh snap we're back! Interesting factoids in this video, I'm playing THE Phil Collins snare (N&C 4x14) and Scott has THE "Easy Lover" music video going in the background. We're big fans of Phil over here, obviously. Thanks for watching and thanks for sharing!

A native of Fort Worth, Weathers, is known for his incredible voice and energetic live shows. He went viral in 2015 after a YouTube video of him covering Whitney Houston’s smash hit, “I Will Always Love You,” made its way around the internet.

Wade Bowen, of course, has spent the past couple decades turning himself into one of Texas' most favorite performers. The regular festival-headliner has released 12 total albums, and you can regularly find his songs and collaborations at the top of the Texas charts.

The video features Wade Bowen, Josh WeathersBen Jackson,  Scott Davis, Michael Tarabay, and of course Coon. Enjoy.

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