Earlier this month he and his pal Randy Rogers released Hold My Beer: Vol. 2, which will go down as one of the best albums of the year. But that's just the tip of the pandemic iceberg for Wade Bowen, who has been staying busy online during the worldwide lock down.

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From regular Monday nights with The Sequestered Songwriters to his hugely popular Friday nights on Wade's World, to Nate Coon's "Home Room Sessions," Bowen has been doing his part to keep fans entertained.

Aaron Watson's drummer Nate Coon was knee-deep in these rad home sessions long before COVID-19 rocked us, and we're glad he's keeping up with it post-coronavirus. A few weeks Coon shared a great video of Wade Bowen, alongside Nick Gardner, and David Deshazo, completely owning a cover of Phil Collins, "I Wish It Would Rain Down." Watch it here.

Up next Wade, Coon, Taylor Tatsch #TBay Nick Gardner Wil Houchens and Drew Hall  take on Jackson Browne. Give it a watch up top.

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