Wade Bowen has released another song from his upcoming album, 'Solid Ground' ...

The song is called “So Long 6th Street”, featuring guest vocalists Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert.

He told Billboard.com, “I wanted it to have a presence to it. One of my big heroes is Bruce Springsteen; When you listen to him you feel like you know all about Asbury Park and that area, where he’s from and what he’s all about. That’s what I set out to do with this, not only lyrically but sonically as well. Texas is George Strait and Willie Nelson, but it’s also ZZ Top and Stevie Ray and so many others that define this whole state. I think we try to catch a little bit of all that with this record and show the south Texas flavor, the Hill Country flavor, a little bit of all of it.”

Solid Ground is set for release on February 9th. Here is the full tracklist of songs on Wade's new album.

1. “Couldn’t Make You Love Me” (Wade Bowen, Keith Gattis, Audley Freed)
2. “Day of the Dead” (Keith Gattis)
3. “So Long 6th Street” (Feat. Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert) (Bowen, Gattis)
4. “Broken Glass” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen)
5. “Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs” (Feat. Jon Randall) (Bowen, Randall)
6. “7:30” (Bowen, Angaleena Presley, Waylon Payne)
7. “Acuña” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen, Gattis, Freed)
8. “Compass Rose” (Bowen and Andrew Combs)
9. “Anchor” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen and Jeremy Spillman)
10. “Fell in Love on Whiskey” (Bowen and Charlie Worsham)
11. “Calling All Demons” (Bowen and Seth James)

Take a moment to check out Wade Bowen's latest single in the above video and listen for it on Kickin' Country 103.1.


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