Wade Bowen isn't letting life get him down. With "When I Woke Up Today," he's taking the good with the bad and enjoying the adventure of life. And with a song this upbeat and catchy, we can't help but enjoy it with him.

"When I Woke Up Today" is Bowen's first single off his new self-titled album, and although he may be a new name to some, this is actually the seventh album release from the Waco, Texas native. Written about life on the road, "When I Woke Up Today" captures Bowen's journey to as artist, taking the success he's found in his home state and moving towards contemporary country music while trying to maintain his thoughtful storytelling and musical roots.

"Well this morning found me wandering through my mind / Another hangover hiding from the sunshine / I put some sunglasses on to stare out the window / Yeah I’m just looking for a way to tell the world hello."

Masterfully, Bowen takes his own experience as a traveling musician and sets it next to images of everyday life, making "When I Woke Up Today" a track that almost anyone can relate to. Music, like life, is all about taking the good and the bad together, says Bowen. It's all about rolling with the punches, celebrating victories while acknowledging setbacks, and always striving to make each day count.

"I saw a girl at a bus stop crying on her telephone / And a funeral procession heading down cemetery row / Well there’s a bride and a groom outside the Church of Christ / Yeah it’s a cut of the cards, it’s a roll of the dice."

Sonically, "When I Woke Up Today," isn't anything groundbreaking, but it's definitely a fun listen. Blending contemporary country and smooth pop/rock, Bowen has found a sweet spot, sounding approachable enough for current country radio without falling into bro-country territory. Ultimately, it's the lyrics and Bowen's steady vocal performance that will drive this track to success on country radio, inspiring listeners to take chances and work for their dreams.

Why Fans Will Love It: With Bowen's steady vocals and inspiring lyrics, "When I Woke Up Today" is a contemporary country song that has strong crossover appeal for pop/rock fans as well.

Key Lyrics: "Dealing with the pain of trying to make a dream fly / Taking the good and the bad with a big smile / Uncertain roads and the thrill of the chase / Man I sure feel like I’ve seen grace when I woke up today."

Did You Know? After six studio and live records, Bowen is no stranger to dishing out healthy servings of country music. But while he's experienced success in his native Texas, the singer-songwriter says that his latest record, Wade Bowen, feels like "the start of the next phase of my career."

Listen to Wade Bowen, "When I Woke Up Today"

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