The day may be coming when you can not only pick up beer and wine from Texas based Walmarts, but Liquor as well!

Walmart is taking Texas to court over the states liquor laws, many of which have been in place since prohibition.

Not everyone likes the idea of Walmart selling liquor. About 2,500 liquor store retailers are trying to stop them. This challenge came back in May and the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the group had the right to challenge the proceedings.

Walmart and Sam’s Club are already the largest sellers of wine and beer in Texas, but now want to provide even more to their customers. The company believes that being able to sell liquor in Texas will “help people save money and live better by purchasing quality products at competitive prices.”

The group fighting against this case says that Walmart is looking more towards “mass sales of low-priced liquor rather than truly caring about their customers." They also argue that "their members will no longer be able to compete in the industry if Walmart wins this case. Independent stores could lose substantial revenues and long-term investments.”

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