There is no need to clutter up your kitchen counter with a toaster, griddle and coffee pot when there’s an appliance that combines all three! 

It's a retro 3-in-1 breakfast station that allows you to cook eggs, toast bread and make coffee all at the same time.

It is also great if you have limited counter space. On top of the appliance is a non-stick griddle, great for cooking eggs or sausage and comes with a lid to cover the griddle top.

Down Below is a toaster, which can toast four slices of bread at one time. This toaster oven also has settings for baking or reheating food.

Finally, on the side of the appliance is the coffee pot, which can brew up to four cups of coffee at a time.

If you are the forgetful type, the appliance even has a 30 minute timer for automatic shut-off.

A product of Nostalgia Electrics, you can buy one for around $70 from Walmart or Amazon and comes in red or blue.

Check out the above video to see this 3-in-1 appliance in action, but I warn you...You're going to want one!