It never fails, during summer I'm fed up with the heat and want fall to hurry up and get here yet during the winter I get tired of being cold so then I'm ready for spring.  What are you looking forward to this fall?


With fall fast approaching all I can think about is cooler weather, college football and good times grilling out with friends.  What is the best part of the fall?  Everybody will have a different answer.  Some folks enjoy the changing of the seasons for mother natures art and better temperatures.  Personally my favorite activity that fall brings is tailgating and college football.  While I'll only be going to one college football game this year, it's what I look forward too the most.  The smell of grills going, sounds of Calling The Hogs and a sea of Cardinal Red.  Can't beat that with a stick.  There's also the holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving not to mention hunting season, which where I come from it's religion to hunt.  What is your favorite thing or is there a tradition you and your family keep every year during the fall?

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