We love to talk about the weather in Texas, probably because it can get a bit wacky here. One minute the sun is shining and you're rocking a pair of shorts, the next it's freezing cold and you're lighting up the fireplace.

Chilly weather certainly isn't something we are known for, but we have definitely had our moments. We haven't forgotten the horrible ERCOT power outage during a days-long cold snap in February 2021, which claimed the lives of hundreds of people. However, even that infamous power outage was no match for the weather in Texas on February 12th, 1899.

On that day, temperatures reached an all-time low of -23 degrees in the city of Tulia, Texas. There were even unofficial reports that the temperature got down to 30 degrees below freezing in Wolf Creek and at another location southeast of Perryton. According to the National Weather Service, cold air spread across the entire state. Thin layers of ice also covered the majority of Galveston Bay.

The current record low temperature here in the Hub City of Lubbock, Texas, is -17 degrees, which happened back in 1933.

It may seem laughable to northerners, who often see temperatures far lower than the above-mentioned, but it's worth remembering that Texas really isn't set up for weather like that. When it gets bad here, we really have a tough time.

Here's to hoping that we all stay warm this winter and don't experience anything too terrible and that our power grid continues blowing and going. We certainly don't want to deal with another ERCOT disaster. That was rough.

Stay toasty, my friends!

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