Since the early 1900s, Lloyd's Of London has been writing insurance policies on many famous folks body parts. Yes, some are vain enough to believe their celebrity could come to an abrupt end if something should happen to that one part of them.

Tom Jones, for example, once took out a $7,000,000 policy to cover his chest hair.

Evidently, chest hair replacement implants are quite costly.

Mariah Carey's legs were recently insured for $1,000,000,000. That's right, a billion!

Evan Agostini, Getty Images

The policy was written shortly after she was awarded Gillett's "Legs of a Goddess," award. Gillett, even celebrated with a gigantic statue of her legs to commemorate the moment.

Evan Agostini, Getty Images

One of the most unusual policies written by Lloyd's has to be David Lee Roth's insurance policy for his sperm at $1,000,000.

Evan Agostini, Getty Images

This was back in the 80s, when he was a hot act. You could say he was ahead of his time. He wasn't afraid of becoming impotent. Actually, if was just the opposite. The policy would pay him if some of the many groupies he slept with in those days suddenly slapped his with a paternity suit.

How about you? Ever thought of insuring one of the parts of your body? Tell us about it. We're all ears!