Every Christmas season, there's a good chance you'll find yourself standing beneath some mistletoe. You've got to be careful hanging out too close to certain folks with mistletoe around.

Mistletoe is a strange Christmas tradition that most people enjoy without really knowing the meaning. After all...It's Fun!

So when exactly did mistletoe come to be such an important part of our Christmas festivities? As it turns out, mistletoe has been around for a little longer than you may have guessed. Not for just decades, but for centuries.

The story behind mistletoe is that Ancient Greece and Norse Gods thought it had mystical powers.

The custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from England. The original custom was that a berry was picked from the sprig of Mistletoe before the person could be kissed and when all the berries were gone, there could be no more kissing!

I say just get another sprig of Mistletoe and keep the romance going!